The college was established with a bright vision to provide quality education to the rural, marginal and downtrodden sections of the society by inculcating in them secular and socialistic values among whom the college is located and to mould the students into well-meaning and useful citizens.

           Our focus is not only limited to provide Quality Education but also to give importance to equip the students with knowledge, leadership qualities, moral values, personality development, computer knowledge, soft and communication skills, social and environmental consciousness, etc. The vision can be achieved with the real commitment, involvement and dedication with a set of goals well maintaining and execution in a time bound process with utmost care fulfils the vision.


  • The mission of the college is to consistently move forward to keep pace with the changing needs and spirit of times through hard-work by fostering talent among the students from the deprived sections of society and make them employable.
  • To accomplish an operational process to advance knowledge through effective academic environment.
  • To provide a helpful academic path and career for the students.
  • To benchmark career goals offering academic excellence.
  • To wake up the young students to the hard realities of life and the highly competitive scenario like this is fast emerging and limiting the opportunities.
  • To follow the global trends, not forgetting the local relevance.
  • To train the students to acquire the skills needed for precise planning and placement. And promote entrepreneurship ability among students.