About the Department

The department of physical education is one among the faculties of the college.  It has been working under the supervision of the regular appointed qualified physical director. Since its inception, the department has been providing training in sports and games to students. With its discipline, infrastructure, efforts and dedication the department has gained recognition and accolades in kabaddi, athletics, ball-badminton and cricket,

The department of physical education strives to attain its objectives such as health, physical wellness, neuromuscular coordination, leadership qualities, and social, emotional and spiritual balance.

The department adopts holistic approach of physical education, which helps students to aware of the life skills like confidence, self-motivation, leadership and readiness. Apart from the primary aim of mass participation for all-round development of the students, the department also prepares students for inter collegiate, inter university and state level tournaments. The department provides regular training to students from 6.00 A.M to 8 A.M and 4 P.M to 6 P.M. The meritorious students in the games and sports are presented with awards, medals and certificates as a token of encouragement. The department also ensures the overall discipline of the college.