Department of Commerce


                      Government college rayachoty was established in the year 1978 with the untrining efforts of philanthropists, elders and politicians in this area.  The department of commerce was started in the year of 1978 when commerce as an educational choice was a distant one for student the commerce the commerce department has prime place in this college in terms of both student strength and faculty size.


The vision of the department is

  1. To develop Entreprenureal skill and employability among the students
  2. To develope communication skills to make  then confident to choose their Career.                                                                                                                                                         




Sanctioned strength











Learning process:-

                  The government college rayachoty the commerce department the places emphasis on hands on learning through expert lecturers, expert Lecturers Seminors, Fairs, Workshops, Field Trips, (Power point), presentations, virtual classes etc...)

  The Department regularly organizes a variety of co – Curricular activities in addition to class room teaching for promoting active learning by students.

   Besides the Department organizes Certificate Courses in various felids as a part of skill development.


       The Department is equipped with Computer Lab Support by 12 Computers, One LCD projector In the Computer Lab and over Head projector which helps the student to Learn Computer skills as Well. The Department has Library having around 50 books .These books are regularly to the needy Students & faculty.

Employment Opportunities:- graduates have potential to get employment in Banking & Insurance sectors, Teaching Marketing, Secretarial support, accountants in   industries and software companies, software developers, stock exchange, business analysts etc.

* It is the practice of the department to offer certificate courses to students to enhance their skills.

1. Certificate courses in type writing

2. Certificate courses in tally

3. Certificates courses in basic money management.

4. Memorandum of understanding

5. SAMANA –The commerce fair: -

With a view to tap the latent talent of students the department of commerce made an attempt to expose inherent skills of the students through organizing commerce fair titted SAMANA

Its main objectives are

  1. TO SHOW Case the latent skills of commerce students
  2. To create business atmosphere
  3. To create awareness on business related issues like working of Banks business ideas, working ATM s, consumer is small scale industries etc.
  4. To enlarge the students in selling activity vi2., selling of goods and services so as to encourage them to generate income
  5. To improve marketing skills of students
  6. To make them self confidant and fell they are not second to none


  Students are being take to industries                                                                                                

  1. Sri lakshmi venkateswara.pvt ltd (DHALL MILL Factory)

  2 .Sri Krishna pipe (PVC) factory                     

  3 .Gandikota varasthavalu side seens

  4. Syndicate Banks, SBI (Insurance)

 This will enable them to learn how to process costing takes practically at every process besides they are exposed to the accounting practice of industries.


  1. In view of recent developments, the subjects are revised and new courses like GST (GOODS &SERVICES TAX FUNDAMENTALS), RFC (RURAL FORM OF CREDITE), GST with custom act were introduced. There is no availability of study material (or) books as such.

            So advanced learners are given the task of preparing study material in (English/Telugu) under the guidance of faculty and this material is circulated to all of other students.                  They downloaded the material ‘college library’ or ‘C.P Brown library in KADAPA and S.Ramachandraiah and took the help of concerned faculty in translating the material.

        2. Advanced learners are given the task of preparing model questions for circulation among the students.

Best Practices:


The department started a new and best practice of honorising the guests with saplings instead of bouquets in various celebrations one of the good tools of environment protection.


1.It observed that many students are asking permission to leave the premise due some aliments like fever, stomach pain , head ach , cold wounds etc..., keeping this in view the department started basic medical aid and pouching medicines when they are in need during the college hours

2. Supply of sonitary napkins to needy students fees of costing during the college hours to stop students to go home in the middle


The main objectives of this activity is to increase the competitive spirit among the students as rewards are proposed beforehand the toppers as well as the close competive  may pay more consentration to get good marks other students may also try to get the first place .This activity is treated as a strong stool to encourage the hard workers


1. Forwarding specimen copies of subject by the publishers to departmental library

2. The departmental maintaining a departmental library with around 50 books every year some publishers used to visit the department and supply some specimen copy’s of subjects books. Those books are forwarded to department library


  1. It is the practice of commerce to provide medicienes and fruits to the orphanized homes and charitable trusts.
  2. The faculty members extends financial assistance to poor students for payment of examination fee, commuting charges and for Toppers they extended their hands to purchage books and cash awards etc . . .