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Urdu Language is one of the most developed modern Indian languages. Urdu is Lingua Franca of India. It has a rich literary tradition. Millions of Indian peoples are speaking Urdu as their mother tongue. Urdu is an Integral part of their cultural identity .In Andhra Pradesh where Muslims constitute about 10 percent of the population. The Government of Andhra Pradesh Declared Urdu as Second Official Language in 9Districts of A.P.

          The Department of Urdu Established in 1978 In Government Degree College, Rayachoty. The Department of Urdu is to instill in the students a spirit of critical inquiry, capability and analytical vision to place and define them in the wider Social, Cultural, Political and Ideological environment .The department is striving to sensitize aestheticism and humanize the students enabling them to become leaders of change.

The department is currently offering B.A. Urdu Medium with Urdu Literature, History and Political Science as major subjects. The department also focuses to develop and compute knowledge in their students. Very renowned personalities such Janab R. Rahamatullh Omri and Dr.S.I.P. Syed Iqbal Khusru Khadriwere worked in the Department.The departmenthas highly Qualified Teachers to impart not only knowledge but also wisdom through literature.

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